I am a sad little wallflower ~

UGW: 45kg
GW: 50kg
CW: 60kg :(

I used to love Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

But then I realised how much of an obsessive dick Karthik is. Seriously, he forces himself onto Jessie, and she ends up complying. 


That ain’t how love works. 

But the songs are good, let’s be honest. 

What is up with this random foot fetish in Tamil cinemas?

Seriously, every time I watch these love scenes where the guy touches the girl’s foot with his hand as if it’s the most wonderful thing he’s ever touched, I don’t know what to even think. IT’S A FOOT, AYYO. 

When Khushi makes Arnav smile

Best. Thing. Ever. 

hawkeyelikespie asked: You are quite beautiful and I love your blog.



You are so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! This made my day <333


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